TV Series: Making a Murder

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TV Series: Making a Murder

Postby 3WE » Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:04 pm

Has anyone watched the Netflix series making a murder?

I found it fascinating: A story of injustice followed by a story of some newer "justice-with-questions"...some significant questions IMO.

Remember my comment about good discussion = the intersection of black, white AND gray?

This is almost amazing enough to get me to stop telling Flyboy how "we" should be operating aircraft and the aerospace system and start telling Tee Vee how "we" should be operating the legal system?

Just like aviation disaster discussion fora, some evidence suggests A, some suggests B, and some suggests C. And, just like aviation, the evidence comes in many levels of certainty and uncertainty and bias.

Somewhat different from Aviation, The final report is most definitely out...but the story is not over and the consensus is many times LESS than that of TWA 800 and the Polish president combined.

I may even post this topic there. Perhaps Evan will be interested too.

If "we" can get Tee Vee to tell us to shut up and go back to being outsider parlour talkers (or to go to law school and work hard to promote change), I'll have to buy beer for No_estoy_Carlos, Eric, Monchie, ATLCrewboy4258m, Per and a few more...
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