"Professional" Maintenance Question

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"Professional" Maintenance Question

Postby IntheShade » Wed Mar 05, 2008 1:04 am

At my prior job flying Metroliners for a small commuter in Texas it was a rather up and down affair.

The fortunes of the company went from high to low in a regular cycle; of course so did the moral of the people working there.

One day as moral was at a all time low it was decided by the Corporate Headquarters to introduce "casual Friday" in which all employees could drop the typical company uniforms for more casual attire. That is, everyone except the pilots who were still made to fly in full uniform. Although, once again, the pilots took the "stick in the eye" and were discriminated against there was very little we could do since the pilot group was so small we did not have Union Representation.

Getting to the point--we only had one full time mechanic who worked on the ramp. To us, meaning the pilots, it seemed he took advantage of the "Casual Friday" edict by using it as an excuse to quit wearing his regular uniform pants and replacing them with acid wash blue jeans.

Do you feel this was a little unprofessional?
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Re: "Professional" Maintenance Question

Postby 3WE » Wed Mar 05, 2008 3:08 am

Was this the mechanic that rigged the ailerons backwards?

I recall that your Lone-Star checklist was "controls free", as opposed to the "classic" "free and correct."

It was sad that on a test flight it didn't occur to your friends to be a little "extra paranoid" and check for correct movement.
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