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Re: For beginners

Postby supersean » Fri Sep 26, 2008 10:05 pm

Hi Carlos, you have asked a very daunting question.

Simulation as we all know is a proxsimity of the real thing. Therefore I say go for the ultimate experience.

Go to a costume store and buy a pilot uniform and spend a little extra and upgrade to the fourth bar.

Once you have your uniform, stop shaving for a couple days and get your computer flightsim set up, dig out your best leather flying jacket and put on your cool Junkers flying watch.

When the big day arrives, pack your bags and kiss your family goodbye. For a couple hours you are going to live the dream: You get to be me.

Strap into your EZ Chair and aviate like a mad man.
ITS, Thanks for helping me put together my weekend plans!
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