MSFS vs. X-Plane

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MSFS vs. X-Plane

Postby 3WE » Mon Mar 03, 2008 6:20 pm

Anyone want to list pros/cons of MSFS vs. X-Plane?

I really only have MSFS experience. I'd say, 1) it has the whole world in it's airport, topography and navaid databases, 2) the planes more or less do what an airplane is supposed to do and 3) It seems like there's a lot of planes you can download. 4) It seems to simulate clouds and weather fairly well and the "download real-world weather" is kind of fun.

I also have a list of frustrations- one of the most serious ones was setting a 200-ft ceiling, yet seeing the rabbit strobes at 400 ft. And, you can sometimes get the aircraft to do some stuff they aren't supposed to do.

It seems like X-plane folks often love the aeodynamic behavior of thier planes more. I flew X-plane once, and didn't like it, in fact, I wound up "spinning out" during a takeoff roll....not sure that's especially real.

I know this has been discussed before and elsewhere, but it's still a good topic.
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