May 2020 Typists...

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May 2020 Typists...

Postby 3WE » Thu Apr 23, 2020 7:46 pm

The biggest article: Sweet Monkey River Aircraft is launching a 150-ish LSA called the Colt.

I would blame ITS, except it has a glass cockpit, a water-cooled Rotax engine, and a tricycle gear configuration..

Ike's little brother Sam goes to Africa on safari. (Is he becoming Lesstature? He does look short, just needs a big cookie duster).

A couple pages are used to state that maybe Kobe Bryant's pilot botched IMC while on a VFR-intentioned flight.

Not_Karl's uncle Dick owns a Prius so he can offset his overall fuel burn.

Gabe Garrison seems absent.

Jules does something with the Woman's Mountain Flying Association...I'm thinking there's a non PC anatomical chauvinistic joke in there somewhere.
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